The Rotary Club of the Studios of Elstree and Borehamwood meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday's of each month.

Meadow Park Entertainment Arena

The club has been supporting the idea of having a series of summer brass band concerts to provide proof of concert for this idea.

The band stand project committee was set up to enthuse the community about the idea of a covered multi access entertainment space in Meadow Park.

This includes three rotarians from the Studio's club, Rtn. Andrew Grady, Rtn. Nick Male, and Rtn. Pat Strack. 

Each of the members brings a vast range of experience in event management, funding and practical experience and contacts.

The concerts were staged at the location for the proposed bandstand. Local brass bands were engaged to present a concert series proving proof of concept and engagement for the facility.


Two large gazebos for the performing artists were used, whilst utilising other smaller gazebos for refreshments.

The group are working with the town council to present a permanent structure which will be sustainable for all the community.

Hertsmere Borough Council are to provide a hard standing and electrical connectivity required as part of the 2nd phase works for the park for the permanent structure

The process is well underway to have a facility in the town which we all are eagerly awaiting to be available for the benefit of the community.